From Flora Dress to Vogue V1247 Skirt

About a year and a half ago I visited Japan and of course made a stop at Nippori Fabric Town. I was fairly new to sewing, but fabric addiction hit me early so I came back with a suitcase half full of purchases from Tomato. One of the pieces I picked up was this medium-heavy weight linen blend (I think) with wide stripes in beautiful muted colors. For some reason, I decided this thick fabric would be great for a sundress. I picked the Flora Dress from By Hand London, did a botched FBA and foolishly made a gathered skirt. I wore it maybe three times because it was too hot, the invisible zip was uneven, and the bust did not look good. So it sat languishing in my closet and I mourned the loss of the fabric to such unskilled sewing.

Apologies for the grainy photo!

But a year later, I realized that the gathered skirt was not such a bad decision at all, because it meant that I had a big rectangle of fabric ready to be reused! I had already made the famed (and unfortunately out of print) Rachel Comey Vogue 1247 skirt once in some denim also from Japan and it turned out great, so I decided to make another at the expense of my terrible Flora Dress attempt.

By the grace of the sewing gods, I actually had enough in the skirt and my leftover scraps to manage fairly decent pattern matching across the front and back yokes. I didn’t get so lucky with the waistband, but I don’t mind. On my first V1247 I just serged the insides, but on this one I decided to go along with the pattern instructions and bind everything in bias binding. Handmade bias binding. I regretted that one pretty quickly and it’s not my finest work, but it does make for nice garment guts. I used the same Alison Glass batik fabric for the pocket lining and most of the binding, and then switched to another Alison Glass batik for the hem when I ran out of the first one.


The only pattern adjustment I made was to lengthen the skirt by three inches because as drafted it’s extremely short! Luckily I knew that ahead of time from the many, many other sewing bloggers who have made this skirt before me.

As all of those other sewists have said, this skirt is amazing and the pockets are genius. If you can get your hands on the V1247 pattern you definitely should! My pattern is actually traced from a friend’s, but I would love to get my mitts on the actual thing. But since it’s going for $75 on eBay right now (!!!), I doubt that’s going to happen and I should probably just spend some time tracing mine onto sturdier pattern paper.