Ready to Sew Joanne Shorts

I don’t own many pairs of shorts. In fact, the only ones I wear semi-regularly are cut-offs I made in high school from a pair of my dad’s old jeans. But about a month ago I was thinking that maybe I need to make a pair because I was planning a trip to Baja California. And then Raph from French pattern company Ready to Sew came in with perfect timing and invited me to test her new pattern for culottes/shorts. Is that serendipity or what?

Apologies for the wrinkles in these photos! This fabric loved to crease but did not take an iron super well.

The sample photos used prints and color blocking, but I decided to be boring and go with a solid. I happened to have picked up this remnant of rayon twill from Stonemountain & Daughter a few days before and it was perfect for this pattern. Drapey and so soft, but completely opaque and with a little bit of weight to hold things down.

These sewed up really easily but have beautiful design details to keep things interesting. I love the pockets, of course, but I also really like the seam down the back legs. Only I really notice it in this dark solid, but so what?

The fit is pretty good, or at least as good as things are going to get for me with elastic waist pants. I have a big hip to waist ratio and I wish I could make the waist a little smaller, but then there’d be no chance of getting them on!

I’m still struggling a little bit with how to style these. I’m used to tight or structured garments on my bottom half, so flowy shorts are a bit of a mystery to me. They were so great to have on my vacation, though. The slightly longer length means less sticking to chairs (ugh) and the floatiness of the fabric kept me less sweaty. (Just a bit less though. I was a greaseball for most of our time in Mexico.)

There are A LOT of culotte patterns out there right now, but I think this one has some options that make it a little more interesting. And those pockets could be fun to use on something else too—a skirt? structured pants?