Farrow Dress in Composition Book Linen

When I first saw the Farrow Dress on Grainline’s blog I knew I would be sewing it up eventually. It took me a little while to figure out what fabric to use first though — draped rayon, cozy flannel, ultra cozy wool? It had been rainy and chilly for weeks in Berkeley, so I was leaning toward something soft and warm. But then we had a few days of sunshine and I came to my senses. Most of the year it’s warm and sunny, so why would I make a wool garment that I could only wear a few weeks out of the year? Linen it is then.

I found this great linen at Stonemountain and Daughter and bought the scant 3 yards left on the bolt. It makes me think of composition notebooks, but I think the fact that it’s linen keeps it from looking too childish. (Right?) I have enough left over for another small project and I was thinking an Inari crop tee.

I thought I wouldn’t have enough for the long sleeve version of the Farrow and the sleeveless isn’t really my style, so I went with short sleeves. Still summery, but I can wear it at work. I also shortened the overall length by two inches and brought it back to nearly work-inappropiate. Oh, and I completely forgot about the back neckline fastening until I was about to add the facing! I found that I didn’t need it, so I left it out. I guess I have a small head or something.

The construction of this dress is genius! I mean, duh pockets, but these pockets are amazing! You can tell how much I love them because in every picture I took my hands are in the pockets. I’m already thinking of ways I could incorporate this construction into other garments. Maybe a fitted skirt?

This dress is so comfy and I’m glad I got to wear it on the few sunny days we’ve had this month. It’s back to rain and next up is a wool jersey turtleneck. I’m hoping to finish it before I go to New York this month. Does anyone have any must-see fabric store recommendations?