“Linen” Dove Blouse / The Biggest Sleeves in the World

This is a (very wrinkly) Dove Blouse by Megan Nielsen and let’s be honest: this isn’t really my style. It’s a bit too “boho” (hate that term), a bit too trendy, a bit too difficult to wear. But I do have a lot of fun in this top because I love swishing my sleeves around! I don’t love getting them into my food or knocking over everything when I reach for something. I won’t get into it, but there were a lot of potential blue paint disasters at work today. This garment really takes some mindfulness to wear.

This is only the second time I’ve worn this shirt since making it a few months ago. It might get a little more play once it gets warmer, since jackets + massive bell sleeves don’t really work that well. And I may feel more comfortable in this deep yellow when it’s more sunny and warm. And maybe I should shorten the sleeves so that they’re right above my wrists.

I sound like such a hater, but actually I really love this pattern! It’s designed super well, fits without any fitting and has a lot of variation that I’m excited to play with. I think if I shorten it a bit and make the version with plain sleeves (maybe cuffed?) then it will be a winner. And I’ve started on a mega-hack to make a wrap blouse inspired by this NEED top, so it has a lot of potential for other projects.

The deets: I used a linen-like fabric from Joann that I initially bought for a Kielo Wrap Dress a while ago. I had a bunch of it, like 4 yards, so it was great for these giant giant sleeves. I stuck to the pattern exactly and everything fit really nicely and came together easily. I love a v-neck woven blouse and this one is really lovely thanks to Megan Nielsen’s excellent instructions. The hem facing is a little weird and requires a bunch of hand stitching if you don’t want to topstitch, but it ended up being fine and looks really clean. I also like how it weighs down the hem a bit, but you may not want that if you’re working with a floatier fabric.

Basically, this is a really amazing pattern that makes a garment not quite suited to my style, but I’m really happy to have a nicely fitted v-neck pattern I can use as a base for tops that work for me.

P.S. Of course I forgot to take any photos of the dippy back hem! Oops.