Quilted Bernadette Jacket

All throughout the summer I couldn’t stop thinking about a quilted jacket. Kind of cropped with sleeves I could cuff. Not too heavy but still warm. Basically these jackets from Urban Outfitters and Ace & Jig, but made by me!

The Tamarack Jacket from Grainline is almost there and I probably could have modified it to fit my vision, but honestly that sounded like a lot of work. Then I saw Klarissa from Bombazine’s version of the Republique du Chiffon Veste Bernadette. And it’s perfect! So I ordered the pattern from France, double gauze from South Korea and indigo-dyed thread from Australia. The inside fabric is batik by Alison Glass from my local shop.

And then about a month and two seasons of Gilmore Girls later, I had all the pieces hand-quilted and ready to sew. The construction was fairly straightforward and I made a bunch of bias tape to bind the inside seams as well as the outer edges. I didn’t make too many adjustments to the pattern, just lengthened the sleeves so that they would hit just above the wrist when cuffed and fiddled with the side and back seams to get the right fit. This jacket looks boxy, but it has some nice curves in the center back and sleeve seams that give it subtle shaping.

And lemme tell you—I love this jacket. It fits exactly how I want, can be dressed up or down and is so cozy. I get lots of compliments and people are always super impressed, which is a nice plus.

Check out some detail shots below. You may be able to tell that I used the stitches holding together the layers of the double gauze as my quilting lines, which was way better than chalking out a hundred perfectly spaced lines. I know my binding is a mess…I was so impatient to get this thing done!