MMMay: The Last Two Weeks

Hey, I did it! And if you participated in Me Made May this year, you did it too! As I said in my last post, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to successfully wear me-made every day, but I actually didn’t find it terribly difficult. I didn’t repeat too many garments (and I learned something by paying attention to what pieces I wanted to repeat) and I didn’t repeat a single outfit. I definitely call it a success!

Here’s what I wore for the last two weeks.

Sloane sweatshirt by Named Clothing in french terry from Thread International
A previously unloved but since reworked Megan Nielsen Dove Blouse in linen blend
Hand-quilted République du Chiffon Veste Bernadette and self-drafted tank top
Rib knit Megan Nielsen Rowan bodysuit under a silk Seamwork Catarina
Sloane sweatshirt again
Grainline Hemlock
Self-drafted linen top
Megan Nielsen Flint pants and Deer and Doe Melilot shirt
Denim v1247 skirt
Deer and Doe Melilot shirt
True Bias Ogden Cami lengthened to a dress over a Seamwork Neenah shirt
Sloane sweatshirt again!
Joanne shorts by Ready to Sew
Linen v1247 skirt and brushed cotton Purl Soho Boxy Tee
Megan Nielsen Rowan bodysuit again
True Bias Ogden Cami
Megan Nielsen Flint pants again with a vintage pattern top


That’s a lot of outfits! As you can see, I definitely love the Sloane sweatshirt I made this month. It fits nicely and I absolutely love the fabric I used. It’s french terry from Thread International, a company that uses discarded plastic bottles to make their fabric. It’s super soft, really stable, and has a beautiful indigo color. And they had matching ribbing too! I highly recommend their fabrics, and they’re all really decently priced too. I only wish they had more colors of the french terry!

Another winner this month was my Megan Nielsen Flint pants. When I first made these pants I thought they would be difficult to style, but they actually work equally well dressed up or down. They feel a little fancier than jeans, but they’re way comfier. Somehow I ended up wearing them every Wednesday for three weeks in a row, but all styled pretty differently!

I think my favorite outfit this month was my silk jaguar Deer and Doe Melilot worn tucked into Levi’s and unbuttoned at the neck. I had always worn the shirt buttoned up all the way, but I felt really cool and sexy with it unbuttoned. My very stylish boss complimented my outfit and was extremely impressed that I had made my shirt, so that was a huge plus too!

Generally I felt really stylish this whole month because I felt the pressure to come up with interesting and different combinations every day. I also made some new things that I feel pretty proud of: my Sloane sweatshirt, a bathing suit, a vintage wrap blouse, a Hemlock tee, a v1247 skirt, sandals (!), and I did my first-ever pattern test. (btw, I loved the experience of pattern testing. Indie designers, I will happily test for you!) I have a lot of blogging to catch up on, apparently.

I got all sappy in my last Me Made May round-up, so I won’t put you all through that again. I’ll just say that sewing is great and I love who I am now that I sew.

What did you learn from Me Made May? Are you going to do it again?

MMMay 2017: Two Weeks In

This is the first year I’m participating in Me Made May and honestly, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to wear something me-made everyday for a month. But I figured I would give it a shot and at least it would show me the glaring gaps in my me-made wardrobe.

A lot of what I wear is dependent on what I’m going to be doing that day and the weather. I need to look somewhat presentable at work, but I can still wear jeans and t-shirts on days that I’m not meeting clients. But really, I don’t have any me-made jeans or t-shirts, so I actually end up looking nicer if I wear clothes that I’ve made!

Named Inari Dress in denim
Self-drafted linen tank
True Bias Ogden Cami in silk
Seamwork Ariane Slip in ponte and Grainline Hemlock Tee in cotton
New Look pull-on pants in cotton
Hemlock Tee in rayon jersey
Hacked Hemlock in cotton

I set the goal of not repeating a piece of clothing for at least the first two weeks. That has gone really well so far and I going to extend that as long as I can…I think I can get another week out of my closet before I need to repeat. (The exception is that I’m currently wearing the same Sloane Sweatshirt that I’ve worn for the past two days…but it’s the weekend and it’s newly made!)

For the first week, I mixed standbys with some less-loved pieces and found new ways to wear things. My favorite new looks are from days two and three. I wear that linen tank all the time, but I never thought to pair it with that vintage silk jacket. And I love my Ariane dress, but I’ve maybe worn that Hemlock Tee twice since I made it. I’ve since learned that quilting cotton has no place on the body, except maybe as binding or pocket linings.

Megan Nielsen Flint pants in Robert Kaufman railroad denim
True Bias Ogden Cami in silk
Seamwork Neenah in poly knit
Deer and Doe Melilot in silk
Purl Soho Boxy Tee in brushed cotton

The second week is more of the same, but I think I was a little less inventive with my clothing combinations. I kept it pretty comfy this week because work was ridiculously busy and I just wanted to be in bed, so it was jeans everyday but Monday. I like the casual look of the Flint pants with a plain tee (actually a youth shirt from the craft store…) and slides.

Let’s talk about those slides for a minute, because I made them! I took a class with Rachel Corry of Rachel Sees Snails Shoes and we made foam-soled leather sandals. It was super fun and I’m really happy with my shoes (though she wasn’t kidding when she said slides are the hardest to fit), but the best part was that I spent a full Saturday doing one of my favorite things: making/crafting/creating with other women! It was great and now I want to learn more, especially alongside cool creative people.

A lot of sewists say this, but wearing me-made everyday gives me extra confidence. A coworker complimented my jaguar Melilot shirt and said it’s my power shirt, and she’s not wrong. I probably would have never bought it in a store because I wouldn’t think it was “me”, but since I made it, it’s completely me! I love how sewing has enabled me to subconsciously develop a personal style, but that’s made even better because it’s a style influenced by amazing indie pattern designers and all the other sewists out there (or at least the ones on Instagram). Super sappy, I know, but it’s pretty amazing that picking up a hobby has had such an impact on my self image and sense of belonging.

I’ll end this journey of discovery with my realization that there are some things I really need in my me-made wardrobe. First off, I need jeans. I actually bought some of that Cone Mills S-Gene denim that everyone loves, but I’m too scared to even purchase a jeans pattern (by which I mean the Ginger Jeans, of course). I may first try the Sew Your Favorite Jeans class from Indie Sew, but I want schedule a full weekend for it.

I also need light jackets that are a little nicer/more interesting than my denim jacket. I have a couple patterns in mind and just need to get started on muslins.

And lastly, I need more comfy clothes! I made a Sloane Sweatshirt this weekend and have been living in it, but I need to find the perfect t-shirt pattern. A little loose or boxy with a crew neck—any recommendations?

Are you doing Me Made May? How have your first weeks been going?