Sort-of Seamwork Jane



Working at a fabric store obviously means constant access to amazing fabrics that I desperately need. But if I gave in as often as I wanted to, I wouldn’t have a paycheck, so I have a system. When there’s a fabric I want, but I don’t have a specific project with a deadline in mind, I’ll wait on it. I’ll check the bolt every week or so, and when I see that it’s getting low I’ll scoop it up.

That’s what happened with this fantastically weird 100% cotton double knit. I had wanted it ever since I started working at Stonemountain, but I didn’t buy it until months later and it was down to less than 5 yards on the bolt. During that time I daydreamed about what I wanted to make it into and I settled on an out of the ordinary t-shirt dress to fit this out of the ordinary print.

I didn’t have a good t-shirt dress pattern, so I started with the Seamwork Jane pattern. I wish I had sized down more (I already went down one size, but Seamwork ease is out of control), because the shoulders are annoyingly too large. Not in a fun, oversized way, but just a slightly too big sort of way.

Other than the sizing issues that aren’t too terrible, this was a fairly easy sew. Just kidding, this was kind of a nightmare! Since I was making things up as I went along, I had to redo the ties a few times to get the position right. And I had to take it in in the hips, which meant double the stripe matching. And I broke two twin needles on this dress! One time was completely my fault (remember to switch out of zig-zag stitch when you use a twin needle, folks!), but the other was just because this knit is super thick and topstitching the neckline was too much for my machine.

Despite all these troubles, I really like this dress. It’s super comfy and the ties/busy print are a nice distraction for those big lunch days. I brought it to Oaxaca/Peru but ended up only wearing it once because it was too hot for Oaxaca and too cold for Peru. Oh well, it’s perfect for temperate Berkeley.

My coworker actually bought this same fabric and made the Deer & Doe Zephyr Skirt out of it. We’ve only accidentally matched once so far, but it’s funny to see how the same fabric can be used by two people with completely different style!

Tell me what you think!