#sewmystyle / Sunny Dress & Top Inspiration

The first pattern for Project #sewmystyle in 2018 is the Sunny Dress & Top by Friday Pattern Company. This looks like a pretty basic pattern (because it is!) but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it special. Often it’s the simple patterns that are the most fun, because they’re a blank slate for your personal style.

What attracts me to the Sunny is the casual, body-skimming silhouette and the scalloped or dolphin hemline. It gives me lazy summer vibes (could be the name too, haha) and I can’t wait to pair a Sunny with just some sneakers and messy hair once the weather turns warm again.

By the time summer rolls around (or by the time summer ends for you Southern Hemisphere folks), you can have a whole closet of Sunny dresses and tops that are all slightly different because this pattern is so easy to switch up depending on the fabric you use or what hacking you do.

Make the Sunny your own!

Adding length to the sleeves or body is a simple alteration that can really change the look of your Sunny. I love the tunic from Anthropologie in the middle—so comfy casual.

Cleverly placed contrasting fabrics can be a really cute addition. Just be careful when using fabric of different weights, as one may pull or weigh down the other. And if you want to use just a small piece of a special fabric, add a little patch pocket!


Over the summer it seemed like I was adding a waist tie to everything I made, including this Seamwork Jane t-shirt dress. This is a really simple way to switch up the silhouette of the Sunny and elevate it a bit from a simple t-shirt dress. Play with different widths and lengths of the ties to see what works best for you.

Put some trim on it! I love the look of a ringer tee and the Sunny is perfect for this little contrast detail. You could really go wild with appliques and trims, but I think something simple like the tassel detail in the dress below is super fun and wearable.


If you’re in need of more inspiration, I’ve put together a Pinterest board full of ideas. And tomorrow I’ll have a post about fabric suggestions and where to buy online, so look out for that!

And just in case none of these leave you feeling creative, I will also have a couple hack posts later this month. The great thing about the Sunny is that you can make so many variations and nobody would know it’s from the same pattern!

What do you have planned for your Sunny? Are you keeping it cool and classic or are you going to change things up?

Tell me what you think!