Reversible Wool Kochi Kimono

I bought the Kochi Kimono as soon as Papercut Patterns released it a few months ago and have been wanting to sew it up ever since. I finally got around to it when I realized that this double-faced wool blend remnant I picked up from Stonemountain would definitely not be enough for a Sapporo. It was the perfect amount for the Kochi, though!

The Kochi is a fairly simple pattern, but of course I made it a hundred times more difficult by making mine reversible. This wool blend is actually two thin layers tacked together, so I was able to take them apart and do fake flat-felled seams on the black “wrong” side. It’s not the neatest, but I actually prefer the camel side so the black side will probably hardly ever be shown!

I also hand-sewed the pockets on because it was impossible to top stitch evenly and accurately through all the layers. I only have one pocket per side because I got lazy, but I don’t mind. The reversibility means there’s a secret inner pocket that’s perfect for stashing my wallet.

The hems were finished by taking the layers apart 1-2″, folding in, and topstitching. For the collar band I fully took the layers apart, sewed them back right sides together along one side, and sandwiched the Kochi body in between the folded-in layers of the other side. I hope that makes sense!

Something to note about the sizing is that this thing runs BIG. I tried on a size small Kochi shortly before making this and it was a pretty good fit, so that was the size I went with when I was cutting this out (or so I thought). It turns out that I actually cut the second smallest size, which is XS! I think it fits well and I would not have wanted to go any larger. If I make another one in a less bulky fabric I may even go for the XXS.

I love how cozy and easy to wear this is. It’s really a jacket,but can also be worn like a warm sweater with just a tank top underneath. I’m not sure if I would wear it untied though. The bulkiness of the fabric makes the fronts lay a little weirdly. It would work better in a drapier fabric, I think.

I’ll definitely make the Kochi again. I love how this pattern would work well in so many different fabrics. No doubt I have plenty in my stash that would be great, but I’m really dreaming of one in this amazing Kokka Beberica cotton/linen canvas!

P.S. I don’t think I can take photos in front of this wall in the winter—the lighting makes it the exact same color as my skin!

Tell me what you think!