Neenah as a Top

On my last post I mentioned a wool jersey turtleneck I was hoping to finish before I went to NYC. It actually only took a couple hours on a dreary Saturday to cut out and stitch up, so now maybe I have time for one more project before I leave on Friday.

The pattern is the Neenah Dress by Seamwork, shortened to a top and sewn up in a smaller size than the pattern recommended because I wanted a closer fit. The wool jersey I used might not be as stretchy as the pattern calls for, so the sleeves and turtleneck are quite tight. I don’t mind this because I wanted it to be a layering piece, but it’s not really something you just slip on. I have to make sure I’m not wearing my glasses when I put it on or else my head gets stuck!

It’s a super quick sew and came together without any problem, so maybe knits aren’t so bad after all. I’m already thinking that I need some more and definitely one in stripes. And maybe a solid black one with some embroidery on the collar. I used to wear turtlenecks like that all the time when I was six so it’s probably time to bring that look back. (Does anyone else remember those shirts? I think I had one with paw prints and one with a little schoolhouse.)

I got the wool jersey from a fabric swap. There was some discoloration from sun damage, but I was able to cut around those parts. I think the scraps might become a super cozy (lined) bra. Not really practical for the Bay Area, but it would be great for whenever I visit my parents in Chicago during the holidays!

Tell me what you think!