Linen Jacket / Stretch and Sew 1007

At my previous job, one of my coworkers often wore an amazing cobalt blue linen jacket that belonged to her mom. I loved how effortlessly cool it looked and decided I needed to make something similar. I found the perfect pattern on Etsy by a vintage company called Stretch and Sew. As the name suggests, this pattern calls for woven or knit fabrics with 25% (or less) stretch. Which I ignored, of course, and went with this linen blend fabric I had on hand (I think I bought it for a Highlands Wrap Dress?). I also ignored the baffling instructions that say to stretch out the fabric as you sew…why???

The only modification I made was to lengthen the body slightly. I also went down a few sizes because I didn’t want much of an oversized fit. It wouldn’t button if it had closures, but I think it’s a nice fit for a jacket that’s meant to be worn open.

In the same week that I finished this back in July, I went on a short work trip to Joshua Tree that involved very long, very hot days. I’m extremely sensitive to the sun (pale problems), so I actually wore this jacket constantly. It was great! I was protected from the sun and still looked decently professional. Don’t ask me why I’m crouching so weirdly in the photo below though.

This is the perfect travel jacket and it has really become a staple in my wardrobe. I love the big patch pockets and the satisfying weight of this linen/rayon blend. I’d love to make another in a bright colored linen—maybe red or a great bold blue like my former coworker’s jacket? I’m thinking a longer one that’s slightly bigger with a tie belt would be fantastic.

4 thoughts on “Linen Jacket / Stretch and Sew 1007

  1. I love this jacket. You wear it so well! Reminds me of a Vogue Perry Ellis pattern, v1522 that I have. Yours is so great I’m tempted to make one too.

    1. I love the styling on that Perry Ellis pattern! Loose jacket, loose pants, and slide sandals seems so comfy and surprisingly modern. You should definitely try a jacket like this—it’s so versatile!

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