Linen Jumpsuit from Kwik Sew K3389

Jumpsuits have definitely been having A Moment for the past couple of years, thanks in part to the minimal cool-girl style of brands like Ilana Kohn, Black Crane and Horses Atelier. I’ve always liked jumpsuits, but never tried them out because I didn’t think they would look good on my curvy and definitely non-statuesque figure. Thankfully, I realized that I was being stupid and I should just make what I want!

“Jumpsuit” covers a lot of ground, from totally baggy and sack-like (see the afore-mentioned Ilana Kohn) to super form-fitting and tailored, with all kinds of other details that make them all totally unique. I wanted something that was more like a flight suit or mechanic’s coveralls, very workwear inspired. I couldn’t find a pattern that fit my vision (McCall’s M7330 is close, but I didn’t like the waistband/fly situation), so I decided to start with Kwik Sew K3389—a true coveralls pattern. Perfect, except that it’s a men’s pattern!


I started with the smallest size, which actually wasn’t a bad match for my hip measurement. The first modification I did was to remove the extra opening near the side pockets that gives the wearer access to the pants he would be wearing underneath. Since I wouldn’t be wearing these as coveralls, I didn’t want any easy access to my underwear! I wish I could give exact directions on how I got the rest of the garment to fit, but it was really just a lot of pinning, taking in the sides, and raising up the waistband by a good 3 inches. The chest pockets from the original pattern became the back pockets and I used snaps instead of a zipper in the front.

I’m incredibly happy with how this turned out! The booty and hip area fits amazingly well considering that I didn’t know what I was doing and I think the good fit there makes the overall slouchiness a bit less sloppy-looking. The linen is European 100% Linen in charcoal grey from I bought a bunch of this stuff a while ago and I’m glad I waited to make it into something, because it was perfect for this project. It’s nice and soft after washing, but still has a little weight to make it appropriate for bottoms.

I get a ton of compliments whenever I wear this and it makes me feel really cool. It also satisfies my butch/femme balance because I can dress it up with a scarf and heels like here or wear it with my beat-up Converse and feel like I’m off to go paint a house or change the oil in a car. (haha, as if I know how to do that!!) It also has further proven that Sewing is Magic because I didn’t think I would look good in something like this and probably would have never bought a RTW jumpsuit like this (also because they’re like $400 lol) but I think I look pretty damn good ok!

Speaking of jumpsuits, have you seen the new one by In the Folds for Peppermint Magazine? It’s totally dreamy and I think I’m going to have to make one. And it might have to be made out of my photo backdrop! It’s a super lush silk hand-dyed by my amazing friend Ailee (of this dyeing adventure). Wouldn’t it look beautiful as a jumpsuit?

Where do you stand on jumpsuits? I love that I can get dressed in one garment, but I hate that I have to basically get completely undressed to pee!

2 thoughts on “Linen Jumpsuit from Kwik Sew K3389

  1. I love it, it turned out so well! You have totally nailed the fitted vs loose conundrum. I haven’t been brave enough to venture into jumpsuit territory but they look amazing on everyone else so maybe I’ll give them a try. Agree that the In The Folds one is super cool 🙂

    1. Thank you! The tricky part of jumpsuits is that if they’re too fitted then bending over becomes an unfortunate (and uncomfortable) incident. Luckily this one ended up just loose enough to avoid that!! Give the jumpsuit a try — I’d love to see how it turns out if you do!

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