Lander Pant in Japanese Cotton/Linen

I bought this Japanese cotton/linen lightweight canvas back in April from Stonemountain (now sadly sold out) and wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to make with it. A simple sheath dress seemed like the obvious choice, but I felt like this amazing print had more potential. I played around with the idea of a two-piece setacular with a mini skirt and crop top, but again it didn’t feel quite right to me. Then one day I was going through my stash and I held up the panel to evaluate it again and it hit me: pants! I posted about my revelation on Instagram and got some well-meaning replies that maybe I should make a sheath dress, but I was determined to make some crazy pants. And then a couple months later (my sewing queue is long and slow-moving), True Bias released the Lander Pant and it was like the stars aligned.

My Refashioners 2017 project was my first run with this pattern and of course I used a fabric that Kelli probably did not intend for the Landers to be made in (silk!). This Kokka fabric is closer to what the pattern recommends, though it’s still slightly lightweight. I was super fussy about my cutting in order to a) try to get things lined up across seams and b) not have a big red cloud right on my ass. It was tricky and I ended up having to piece the waistband, but that’s no big deal.

You may have noticed that I didn’t include the patch pockets on the front. This is partially because trying to pattern match those would have been a pain, and also because I wanted a sleeker look in the front. I created these little (actually a bit too little) pockets in the waistband seam. Can I call them welt pockets? All I know is that I wanted them to resemble Kamm pants a bit and I think I accomplished that! (At least with the pockets, ha.) I also left off the belt loops to keep with that sleeker look.

Love that accidental airplane fly (get it?)

Kelli is an amazing pattern drafter and the proportions of the Lander Pant are absolutely spot on. I graded from a 6 in the waist to a 10 in the hips and kept the length as drafted for the cropped pant. I was worried about the back pockets being too big and square, but I think they look pretty great actually. The only issue I have is that the waistband is totally straight, so I have some gaping in the back and sides. I should have caught this before cutting and next time I’ll draft a curved waistband.

Other things to note: I used a dark green thread for topstitching and the jeans buttons came from Stonemountain (they’re the brass ones here). For construction seams I used light grey thread, which seems to work for most of the colors in the print.

Let’s talk about this print for a second, because it’s kind of the star of the show. It’s called “Cinema,” which I don’t really get because there’s nothing movie-related in it. There’s an airport, a beach, and a carnival, but no movie theater. Go figure. I love the colors in this fabric, from the dark green night sky to the pale pink sand. There are actually daytime and greyscale versions as well, but I prefer this one. I find the illustration style so playful and charming, and I usually don’t like any prints with human figures.

In looking up this fabric just now I learned that the original art was created through Chigiri-e, which is a Japanese papercraft that traditionally used hand-dyed washi paper. Wow!

I think these Lander Pants might be my favorite make this year. Though I’ve never made or worn anything like this before, they feel completely me. I feel like sewing has really expanded my capacity to wear bright colors and prints. I actually don’t remember the last time I made something solid black (my Kochi Kimono doesn’t count because it’s two-toned) and this is the most fun my closet has ever been. I fully encourage everyone to try making a pair of wild pants, whether they’re fancy (velvet?!) or just kind of silly (grass pants!). Go for it!

I have plans for at least one more pair of Lander Pants in the nearish future and probably also some pattern hacking/mashing with the Lander as a base. It’s just an excellent, excellent pattern with tons of potential.

Perfect fit on the booty!

Tell me what you think!